Water Management


Biological Sciences – Ecosystems

Chemical Sciences – Mixtures and Separation

Earth and Space Sciences – Renewable/Non-renewable resources

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Interdependence and Ecosystems

Chemical Sciences – Properties of Matter

Earth and Space Sciences – The Earth’s Surface

Years: 2, 7

Video length: 2:07m

Our water can come from a range of sources. Demand management takes pressure off the bulk drinking water supply and can potentially defer the need for a new water source. No single water supply option can meet people’s long-term water security needs. This video looks at how the problem is tackled in South East Queensland.

If you are interested in resources for the topic of Water systems, you can find more on ATSE’s publisher page here https://www.australiascience.tv/publisher/australian-academy-of-technology-and-engineering/

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