It’s confirmed. There is water on the Moon

Flying telescope detects unique spectral signature. This exciting article and resource are best suited to Year 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 Earth and Space, Chemistry and Physics students. It demonstrates an application for their understanding of minerals and the … Continued

Best of: Plate Tectonics

Our best of series, published each week, collates our favourite and most popular resources for a particular topic. This week: Plate Tectonics for year 9 students studying Earth and Space Science. Australian Curriculum Codes: ACSSU180 Year 9: "The theory of … Continued

Lost volcanoes found among oil and gas

Topics: Biological Sciences - Ecosystems Chemical Sciences - Mixtures and Separations, Chemical Reactions, Solids/Liquids/Gases Earth and Space Sciences - Rocks, Plate Tectonics, Extreme Earth Events, The Changing Earth Physical Sciences - Energy Additional: Careers, Technology Concepts (South Australia): Biological Sciences … Continued

Australia’s rehabilitation of abandoned mines offers lessons for the world

Topics: Biological Sciences - Ecosystems Additional: Careers, Maths, Technology, Engineering Concepts (South Australia): Biological Sciences - Interdependence and Ecosystems Years: 6, 7, 9 Australia’s rehabilitation of abandoned mines offers lessons | Cosmos Word Count: 1479 Across the globe, countries are … Continued

Julie Shuttleworth – Metallurgist & General Manager

Topics: Chemical Sciences – Mixtures and Separations Earth and Space Sciences - Renewable/Non-Renewable Resources; Rocks Additional: Careers, Technology; Engineering Concepts (South Australia): Chemical Sciences - Properties of Matter Earth and Space Sciences - The Earth's Surface Years: 7, 8 Julie … Continued