Live Fast, Die Last

In complete defiance of one of nature’s most fundamental laws, a species of tiny, frenetic bat is living 10 times longer – and healthier – than it should. Andrew Bain talks to the research team embarking on the project of … Continued

Timor-Leste cave art could be a link to Australia’s first people

Weathered stencils of handprints made 65,000 years ago suggests some of the first people to Australia could have taken a difficult route. Use this article to show students that scientists gather evidence to refine scientific understanding of events from history. … Continued

Top five examples of convergent evolution

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Topics: Biological Sciences - Genetics Additional: Careers; Technology Concepts (South Australia): Biological Sciences – Diversity and Evolution Years: 10 Top five examples of convergent evolution Word count: 445 Excellent examples of convergent evolution to support delivery of (ACSSU185) in Year … Continued