SCINEMA: Putting Science in the Cinema

Bring SCINEMA To Your Classroom or Livingroom SCINEMA is the largest international science film festival in the southern hemisphere, showcasing the best science feature, documentary, animated and experimental films from filmmakers around the world. You can see a selection of … Continued

Ancient signs of life: inspiring the next generation of scientists in the outback

As Perseverance sets off on its six-month journey to Mars, two UNSW PhD students look back on a field trip that gave Indigenous high school students a behind-the-scenes look at the rover’s mission.   Inspire and excite students by showing … Continued

Brines on Mars not habitable, study says

Brines are common on Mars, but not ‘special’. As the search for life beyond Earth continues, this article could be used with students to discuss what the needs would be for life to exist and how scientists narrow their search. … Continued

Australia, US and Brazil lead the world in weakening national parks

Australia has made over 1600 changes to its national parks in the last two decades, including reducing marine park protections. This provocative article would be well suited to Biological and Earth and Space sciences for years 4, 6, and 7. … Continued

New class of quasars offers clue to fate of our galaxy

Astronomers looking for the blue ones make an important discovery. This captivating article could be used alongside Earth and Space and Physical Sciences for years 7, 9, and 10 as well as Senior Sciences. Interactive class activity included. Word Count … Continued