Best of: Chemical Reactions

Our best of series, published each week, collates our favourite and most popular resources for a particular topic. This week: Chemical Reactions for year 8, 9, and 10 students studying Chemical Sciences. Australian Curriculum Codes: ACSSU225, ACSSU178, ACSSU187 Year 8: … Continued

Chief Scientist: We need to transform our world into a sustainable ‘electric planet’

“Make no mistake, this will be the biggest engineering challenge ever undertaken.” This article is suited to students in years 7-10 studying Chemical, Earth and Space or Physical Sciences. It links the importance of school curriculum knowledge with current and … Continued

NSW Coroner’s pill testing report agrees with research, common sense

The NSW Deputy Coroner has recommended a pill testing trial, the decriminalisation of personal drug use and no sniffer dogs at music festivals. This highly topical article looks at pill testing and why it is a good idea, with easy … Continued


Topics: Biological Sciences - Living Things Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions Additional: Careers, Technology Concepts (South Australia): Biological Sciences - Form and Function Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions Years: 7, 8, 9, 10 HOW TO BUILD A VITAMIN - Vitamania … Continued

Hydrogen fuel is back in the picture

Topics: Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions Earth and Space Sciences - Renewable/Non Renewable resources Physical Sciences - Energy Additional: Careers, Maths, Technology, Engineering Concepts (South Australia): Chemical Sciences - Change of Matter Earth and Space Sciences - The Earth's Surface … Continued