Dogs sniff out endangered insects

Three dogs have been trained to find endangered insects, and they could revolutionise conservation practices. This short article would sit alongside Biological and Earth and Space sciences for years 4, 5, 6, and 7. It would work well when teaching … Continued

Five things you should know about the brain in our gut

From moods to memory, the brain in our gut has a big impact on the brain in our heads. RMIT neuroscientist Elisa Hill-Yardin says our gut brain is one big nervous system and could play a part in neurological disorders. … Continued

Honeybees get the concept of symbols as numbers

We know that bees can understand zero and do basic math. But now a new study shows they may be able to connect symbols to numbers. This interesting article could be used alongside Biological sciences for years 5, 6, 8, … Continued