In Class With… Neil deGrasse Tyson

Get access to the biggest STEM names and brightest minds with our In Class With... series. Topics: Biological Sciences - Ecosystems, The Body Earth and Space Sciences - The Solar System, Big Bang Theory, The Changing Earth Physical Sciences - … Continued

A letter to year 12 students from Australia’s favourite astrophysicist*

Alan Duffy Associate Professor Alan Duffy is an astronomer and physicist at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. He's also lead scientist for Australia's Science Channel. You can find him on Twitter @astroduff. Astrophysicist and TV star Alan Duffy talks about … Continued

The Science of Science Fiction with Associate Professor Alan Duffy

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Topics: Physical Sciences – Forces; Energy Additional: Media Concepts (South Australia): Physical Sciences - Forces and Motion; Energy Years: 7, 10 Video length: 4:50m How accurate is the science of science fiction? Swinburne astronomer Associate Professor Alan Duffy reveals his … Continued

Goodbye Cassini

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Topics: Earth and Space Sciences – Solar System Concepts (South Australia): Earth and Space Sciences - Earth in Space Years: 5, 7, 10 Video length: 1:07m Astronomer Alan Duffy says thanks and farewell to NASA's Cassini satellite. This mission changed everything … Continued