STEM Pack 8: Forensics


Biological Sciences – The Body; Genetics

Chemical Sciences – Chemical Reactions

Additional: Careers; Ethics; Technology

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Form and Function

Chemical Sciences – Properties of Matter; Change of Matter

Years: 7, 8, 9, 10


The aim of each STEM Careers Pack is twofold: first, to make students aware of the wide variety of STEM careers there are and; secondly, to help students understand the nature of scientific knowledge, how science influences society and how society influences science (i.e. Science as a Human Endeavour).

During their explorations students will also appreciate how the different areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics interact and are interdependent. They will develop their own STEM literacies and competencies.

In STEM Pack 8: Forensics students learn what forensic science is and how the work of forensic scientists compares to that of characters in the popular TV shows and movies; a popularity which may entice students to enter this field. Students will learn that there are rapid changes and developments in forensic technology and methods, making very real the lifelong learning adage. Students will learn about and consider the sorts of ethical issues related to forensics, in particular the topical issue of DNA data banks. Students will also gain knowledge of careers in forensics and the important role these careers play in society.

This pack can be used to show the relevancy of both Chemical & Biological Sciences ‘Science Understanding’ and ‘Science Inquiry’ strands, and therefore delivered alongside such topical teaching for Science Understanding content: Biological Sciences: (ACSSU149),  (ACSSU150), (ACSSU175), (ACSSU184) Chemical Sciences: (ACSSU113) (ACSSU225) (ACSSU178)   (ACSSU187). All tasks in this pack are mapped to Science as a Human Endeavour as well as the Core Capabilities from the National Curriculum (v8.3).

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