SCINEMA 2020: Student Workshop 4

Best for: Yr 10-12 students (but adaptable for others)

Welcome to the forth and final SCINEMA Student Workshop of 2020. This session is designed for you to complete with your classes. There is a video to watch that directs students through the activities and a teachers’ resource pack for you to follow along.

This workshop is designed for students in Years 10-12 however it can be adapted for other year groups. The film is suitable for most ages.

In this workshop, we will be watching a film called Elevator Pitch which was submitted as part of this years SCINEMA International Science Film Festival. We will learn what string theory is in the time it takes to complete a journey in an elevator and the importance of being able to explain concepts clearly and concisely.

You can watch the workshop with your students and download the teachers’ pack below, you just have to be logged in.

What students will learn:

  • All must be able to consider the quality of an elevator pitch and how it impacts understanding
  • Most should be able to state the benefits of being able to explain a concept clearly and concisely
  • Some could be able to engage others in a STEM subject by delivering a clear and concise elevator pitch

Each student will need:

  • Note paper / cards / post-it notes
  • Pens or pencils
  • Lined paper / jotter for planning and answering questions
  • Recording equipment (e.g. phone, tablet, laptop) (optional)
  • Questions from the teacher resource pack

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Get Involved

Find out some other ways which you, your students, and your schools can get involved in SCINEMA International Science Film Festival:

  • HOST A SCINEMA SCREENINGAvailable now! Organise your own SCINEMA festival watch party throughout August and you will get access to all of this years playlists, including the full education playlists and activities. Register here.
  • PARTICIPATE IN SCINEMA JUNIOR – if your students are interested in science videos, you can encourage them to create their own and submit it into next years SCINEMA Film Festival. Find out how here.
  • GET LAST YEARS RESOURCES – For even more SCINEMA films and education resources, you can access a selection from last year here.

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