In Class With…Tim Flannery


Biological Sciences – Ecosystems; Cells; Genetics

Earth and Space Sciences – Renewable/Non-renewable resources; The Changing Earth

Physical Sciences – Energy

Additional: Careers; Technology; Engineering

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological SciencesInterdependence and Ecosystems; Diversity and Evolution; Form and Function

Earth and Space SciencesThe Earth’s Surface

Physical SciencesEnergy 

Years: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Watch the recording of our livestream ‘In Class With…’ event with environmentalist, scientist, author and broadcaster Tim Flannery, as he stopped in during his appearances at the WOMADelaide festival to field questions from students around Australia in March 2018.

Video Length: 26:49m

Tim Flannery is one of the world’s most prominent environmentalists. In 2007 he was named ‘Australian of the Year’, arguably Australia’s highest honour. He delivered the 2002 Australia Day Address to the nation. In 2013 he founded, and is now chief councilor, of the Australian Climate Council, Australia’s largest and most successful crowdfunded organisation. His latest book is ‘Sunlight and Seaweed.’ which also featured on ABC’s Catalyst program in 2017.

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