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Renewable energy powerhouse Dr Alan Finkel is taking on questions from school students around Australia in this exclusive In Class With… event.

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Dr Alan Finkel was the Chief Scientist of Australia from 2016 to 2020. He is now the Special Advisor to the Australian Government on low emissions technology. Dr Finkel has always supported and promoted the reduction of emissions in Australia and wants to use his skills to help the development of innovative technologies that will help solve our climate problems.

A boy scout in his youth, Alan was always interested in trying to find solutions to tricky problems. After studying electrical engineering he worked in neuroscience, where he combined these two interests to invent a device to measure brain response.

His time as Chief Scientist was spent promoting STEM education and the development of the STEM workforce. He believes the planet needs as many problem-solvers as it can get, and he’s passionate about involving all Australians in STEM and advocates for governmental and industrial support of innovation and research in science and engineering.

Recently, his life story was turned into a children’s book for the Aussie STEM Stars series. These books celebrate Australia’s leaders in STEM and are written by award-winning children’s authors. The series explores childhood, school, family, formative experiences, what inspired them to pursue their chosen path, how they persevered in the face of challenges, and what they contributed in their chosen field to Australia and the world.

Alan would love to answer a question from you or your class! As a scientist, he knows there’s no such thing as a silly question – finding out about the subject that interests you is the stuff from which new ideas, new inventions and new futures are made.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some of the kinds of questions that have been asked in the past:

    • What is a Chief Scientist?
    • What do you actually do?
    • Why is STEM so important?
    • What’s your favourite dinosaur?
    • If we needed to escape Earth quickly, what one other species would you take with you?
    • Why does our hair go grey when we age?

You can now submit student questions to Dr Alan Finkel either by video or in writing.

10 of Dr Finkel’s favourite questions will receive a copy of his Aussie STEM Start book!

Entries will close at 11 am AEST on Tuesday 26 October 2021.

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Submit questions by video

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For example: “Hello, my name is Sophie and I am in Year 6 at Largs Bay Primary School in South Australia. I would like to know what is a Chief Scientist?”

We recommend students use the following criteria for each video:

    • Filmed landscape
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    • Speak directly to the camera

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Submit questions in writing

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Useful information

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