In Class With…David Suzuki


Biological Sciences – Ecosystems; Cells; Genetics; Lifecycles; Living Things

Chemical Sciences – Chemical Reactions

Earth and Space Sciences – Extreme Earth Events; The Changing Earth

Physical Sciences – Energy

Additional: Careers, Technology

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Interdependence and Ecosystems; Diversity and Evolution; Form and Function

Chemical Sciences – Change of Matter

Earth and Space Sciences – The Earth’s Surface

Physical Sciences – Energy

Years: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Video Length: 43:03m

In Part II of our In Class With…. event, Environmentalist Dr David Suzuki answers students’ questions about the Environment, the world, climate change, ecosystems and a range of other Biological and Earth and Space Sciences topics. Can be used alongside a range of topics across Upper Primary and Secondary, including heat energy from the Physical Sciences curriculum, Chemical reactions of photosynthesis within the Chemical Sciences curriculum and Ecosystems and Climate change topics.

Also watch Part I of the event to hear about David’s interesting career path and early inspirations.


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