Coming Up: In Class With… Angharad ‘Rad’ Yeo

Gaming guru, presenter and podcaster, Angharad ‘Rad’ Yeo is taking on questions from school students around the world in this exclusive In Class With… event.

Submit your students’ questions now to take part.

Angharad ‘Rad’ Yeo is a regular appearance on Australia’s TV screens, radio speakers and streams, talking gaming and technology. She’s spent the last decade learning about, talking about, writing about and presenting on technology, gaming and science.

Rad started working at the ABC’s Good Game team in 2012, initially behind the scenes and then in front of the camera from 2016. She’s been a full-time co-host of ABC’s show for young gamers, Good Game Spawn Point, since 2017, helping to feature game reviews, news, live streams and more.

She also presents on ABC’s Elevator Pitch, where she asks scientific experts to explain a complicated concept in the time it takes a lift to get from the bottom to the top of a 38-storey building – and back down again. Her Elevator Pitch film on string theory was featured in Scinema 2020 (the International Science Film Festival run by RiAus).

In addition to this, Rad has appeared as a guest to discuss technology and gaming on a range of Australian radio and TV programs, including the Today Show, The Project, The Feed and triple j. Rad appears regularly on ABC Weekend Breakfast and more recently she can also be heard hosting music radio, as host of Weekends on Double J.

Beyond TV, Rad’s branched out into other forms of tech communication on the internet. She co-hosts the technology podcast Queens of the Drone Age, and hosts the ABC podcast How Games Play Us. She also works as a freelance tech journalist, having reviewed various devices for publications like Gizmodo Australia and Junkee.

And while Rad’s very familiar with a screen, live performances are no stranger to her either: she’s a musician who plays guitar, drums, bass, ukulele and keys, as well as writing her own music. In 2014, she recorded a feature-length album with friends in Story City, Iowa. She performed songs live from the album from 2011 to 2015, as well as drumming for a Sydney band from 2013-2015.

She is passionate about technology and gaming and wants to share that with young people around the world.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some of the kinds of questions that have been asked in the past:

    • Why is STEM so important?
    • What’s your favourite dinosaur?
    • If we needed to escape Earth quickly, what one other species would you take with you?
    • Why does our hair go grey when we age?

You can now submit student questions to Rad either by video or in writing.

Entries will close at 11 am AEDT on Friday 25 February 2022.

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Submit questions by video

We would love students to be involved in this In Class With… event so we encourage students to film themselves asking their question and sending it to us by uploading it to our Google Form.

Please ensure the following information is included in the video:

    • Name of student
    • Year or age
    • Name of school
    • State
    • Question

For example: “Hello, my name is Sophie and I am in Year 6 at Largs Bay Primary School in South Australia. I would like to know why is STEM so important?”

We recommend students use the following criteria for each video:

    • Filmed landscape
    • High definition, 1920×1080 px, where possible (most phones are automatically set to this now)
    • Keep background noise to a minimum
    • Ensure your speech is as clear as possible
    • Keep the backdrop as plain as possible
    • File size less than 1GB
    • Video duration less than 40 seconds
    • Use natural lighting, where possible
    • Speak directly to the camera

Watch the clip below of Isabella asking her question at a previous In Class With… for an example.

Please note that by submitting their videos, students have permission to appear in the published video on, and on social media accounts owned by The Royal Institution of Australia. If you’re uploading a video on behalf of a student, use your school’s media release form or download one here.

Submit questions in writing

If students don’t want to appear on video, they can also submit their questions in writing using the Google Form.

Useful information

    • Students can submit as many questions as they like.
    • Each question should be submitted on a separate form.
    • Questions can be submitted by individuals, groups or classes.
    • By submitting a question, students are agreeing (and have permission) for their name, age, year and school to appear on the In Class With… Rad video.
    • Where videos have been submitted, students are agreeing (and have permission) to appear in the In Class With… event published on, and social media accounts owned by The Royal Institution of Australia.
    • If you have any problems or questions, please get in touch by emailing us at

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Years: R-12


Biological Sciences

Chemical Sciences

Earth and Space Sciences

Physical Sciences

Additional: Careers, Maths, Technology, Engineering