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Discover the latest videos, articles, and resources on our home page, which include items relating to world events, current affairs, and trending topics. Explore our categories, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Careers in STEM. You may also search content across a range of topics using keywords, topic or curriculum code. All our content is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum (v8.3).

How we support your teaching in class:

All our content is supported by a PDF download (opens in a new browser window), which includes:

  • Topic links to Science Understanding areas.
  • A synopsis of the content.
  • A hyperlink to the content on Australia’s Science Channel for students.
  • Suggestions for in-class use linked to Science Inquiry Skills.
  • Mapping to the National Curriculum on the strand Science as a Human Endeavour.
  • Clear labelling by relevant curriculum year level.

Content is designed to complement existing lesson planning, sliding in as 5 to 15-minute blocks whilst being relevant to other areas of the curriculum. This approach allows you to deliver cohesive, holistic science teaching and demonstrate to students how science is not just a learning area in school but applicable in their day-to-day lives. Resources can be used as topic introductions, as extension tasks in the classroom, homework, or as a general discussion prompt, and can be customised to meet your specific class requirements.

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Our free STEM Packs are suitable for upper primary teachers, career counsellors and year 7 to 12 science teachers. They cover a variety of topic areas; from 3D printing, and Forensics, to Careers in STEM, Ethical Understanding, and Critical and Creative Thinking.

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